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FALL 2004
Editor's Note
I am still looking for a few good graduate students who might be interested in writing for StudentAffairs On-line. Faculty members and Student Affairs professionals encourage your graduate students to write up their experiences with technology in academe. Prospective authors should review past issues of the Journal to get an idea of content and style. I will be happy to work with beginning authors who desire to publish.

Gary D. Malaney

Inside This Issue
Featured Articles

In Analyzing the Impact of E-mail Use on Student-Faculty Interactions in Higher Education Programs, Lamont Flowers uses data from the 1999 National Study of Postsecondary Faculty to examine how the utilization of e-mail by higher education faculty impacts the level of student-faculty interaction (i.e., individual instruction and advising).

Kevin R. Guidry discusses the use of Instant Messaging by students and the impact on Student Affairs in Instant Messaging: Its Impact on and Recommendations for Student Affairs.

In The Spam Experiment, Phil Bradley discusses his experiment to discover the source of Spam.

On the same topic, Stuart Brown tells us why he likes spam in Why I Love Spam.

And finally, Brian Cremins explains the differences between Star Trek conventions and academic conferences in A Klingon's Guide to Academic Conferences.