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Fall 2005: vol. 6, no. 4

Editor's Note
Once again, we have a very eclectic group of articles that you will hopefully enjoy. Researchers planning to employ survey design methodology will find some interesting tips, and student affairs practitioners will discover some new technological applications. Faculty, students, and staff members will gain insights on two important issues: gay identity development and online gambling.

Gary D. Malaney
Director, Student Assessment, Research, and Evaluation Office
Coordinator, Higher Education Program
University of Massachusetts Amherst

Inside This Issue
Featured Articles

Billy Molasso provides some very useful information regarding collecting data via surveys in two different articles: Ten Tangible and Practical Tips to Improve Student Participation in Web Surveys and Exploring Options to Create Web Surveys for Student Affairs Assessment Plans.

In Logging On: How Technology Has Impacted the Identity Development of Gay Males, Doug Burleson discusses the effect of Internet sites on gay identity development.

Leslie Dare identifies some technological applications of interest to student affairs professionals in Ten Technologies to Watch & Learn.

And in Reasons for the Increase in Online Gambling, Stuart Brown discusses the surge of online gambling activity on college campuses.