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The Journal of Technology in Student Affairs

Spring 2002 Edition

1st Annual Virtual Case Study Competition


Because they embody both theory and practice with current issues facing the profession, case studies have long served as a training tool for student affairs professionals. This special edition of Student Affairs Online reflects a new strategy to conducting these “competitions”; applying the case study approach to issues of emerging technology within the “virtual learning environment”. Having attended case study presentations at professional conferences, I can say that the virtual competition allows for a larger and more diverse slate of teams who are able to share their work with the world, basically. The students who responded to the Telnet College scenario should be proud of their efforts, and the rest of us should be humbled by their insights. Enjoy!

Daniel W. Salter
The Pennsylvania State University

To celebrate the five year anniversary of we inaugurated a Virtual Case Study Competition for Masters level students in student personnel administration, counseling or higher education administration graduate programs.

Sixteen teams from around the country entered the competiton. They were given a technology-oriented scenario with the charge of putting together a fictional 15-minute presentation which would be delivered at a Student Affairs staff meeting. Click here to read full scenariao...

We have dedicated the Spring edition of our e-journal to the final presentations of all participating teams. Instructions on how to view the team projects are listed below.

Next year's Virtual Case Study Competition will take place in February 2003. Registration information will be posted on our Web site in Fall 2002. For general information about the 2002 Virtual Case Study Competition, you can visit our VCS section at

Final Results

Congratulations to Georgia Southern University for capturing first place in the 1st Annual Case Study Competition. The winning team of Arnita L. King, James David "JD" Louk, Sara Mayer, & Kerri Chapman will each receive $100.00.

Second place went to North Carolina State University. The team of David Frye, Ashton Gunn, Debbie Wilson, & Ralph Hise will each receive a check for $50.00.

Third place went to the University of Maine. The team of Jennifer M. Boynton, Chris Dayss, Amy Sheils, & Ethel Hill will each receive a copy of the book, "The Professional Student Affairs Administrator: Educator, Leader,and Manager." Courtesy of Brunner-Routledge.

Participating Schools

Click on the link below to view the final contest submission for each school which has been submitted as eiter a PowerPoint Presentation or a web page.

We recommend (especially for Netscape and Mac users) trying the ".ppt" version first. If your browser does not automatically start it as a slideshow, then inside the program go to View, then Slideshow for best viewing. (Some IE users may be able to also view the ".pps" version with no problem.)

Those with older browsers, may need to Download a free version of the PowerPoint Viewer. The site has both WINDOWS and MAC versions available.

Once inside the PowerPoint slideshow, most users will be able to click anywhere on an individual slide to advance to the next one.

*** All links will open up in a new window ***

  • Appalachian State University:
  • Web Page
  • Bowling Green State University:
  • PowerPoint ".ppt" file or PowerPoint ".pps" file
  • Canisius College:
  • PowerPoint ".ppt" file or PowerPoint ".pps" file
  • Georgia Southern University:
  • PowerPoint ".ppt" file or PowerPoint ".pps" file
  • Grand Valley State University:
  • PowerPoint ".ppt" file or PowerPoint ".pps" file
  • Indiana State University:
  • PowerPoint ".ppt" file or PowerPoint ".pps" file
  • Iowa State University :
  • PowerPoint ".ppt" file or PowerPoint ".pps" file
  • North Carolina State University:
  • Web Page
  • Oregon State University:
  • PowerPoint ".ppt" file or PowerPoint ".pps" file
  • University of Central Florida:
  • PDF file
  • University of Connecticut:
  • PowerPoint ".ppt" file or PowerPoint ".pps" file
  • University of Georgia:
  • PowerPoint ".ppt" file or PowerPoint ".pps" file
  • University of Maine:
  • PowerPoint ".ppt" file or PowerPoint ".pps" file
  • University of Massachusetts-Amherst:
  • PowerPoint ".ppt" file or PowerPoint ".pps" file
  • University of Mississippi:
  • PowerPoint ".ppt" file or PowerPoint ".pps" file
  • The College of William and Mary:
  • PowerPoint ".ppt" file or PowerPoint ".pps" file

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