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The Journal of Technology in Student Affairs

Spring 2003 Edition

2nd Annual Virtual Case Study Competition

This year marked our 2nd Annual Virtual Case Study Competition for Masters level students in student personnel administration, counseling or higher education administration graduate programs.

Almost double the number of teams from last year (a total of 29) entered this year's competition. They were given a technology-oriented scenario with the charge of critiquing a fictional Student Life web site with the goal of reviewing and proposing changes to the pages. Click here to read full scenario...

We have dedicated the Spring 2003 edition of our e-journal to the final presentations of all participating teams. Instructions on how to view the team projects are listed below.

Next year's Virtual Case Study Competition will take place in February 2004. Registration information will be posted on our Web site in Fall 2004. For general information about the 2003 Virtual Case Study Competition, you can visit our VCS section at

Virtual Case Study Award Winners

Loyola University Chicago 1st Place: Loyola University Chicago
Jennifer Fullick, Jill Jozwiak, Allison Steffensmeier, and Dana Wesolowski

$100 to each team member

Western Illinois University 2nd Place: Western Illinois University
Hal DeLaRosby, James Droste, Shannon Fahey, and Angela Swenson

$50 plus a copy of the book, "40 Practical Ways to Address Student Conduct" to each team member. (Publication provided courtesy of LRP Publications.)

North Carolina State University 3rd Place: North Carolina State University
Adrienne Jablonski, Sean Jenkins, Ebony Ebron, and Jennifer Bannon

A copy of the book, "The Professional Student Affairs Administrator: Educator, Leader, and Manager." (Publication provided courtesy of Brunner-Routledge.)


Western Illinois University
    Matthew T. Suwalski, Sameer Paroo, Sarah Rockwell, Leah K. Dooley

    Jayme T. Little, Julien Agnew, Pamela C. Brown, Josh Morrison

University of Maine
    Eryn Montgomery, Travis Erickson, Jacinda Boucher, Gennaro DeAngelis

Suffolk University
    Jason Jacobson, Liz Smith, Laura-Jean Hickey

VCS Participant Submissions

Following are links to all the 2003 participants' submissions. Schools were allowed to provide any combination of PowerPoint files, Word documents or web pages.

If you have an older browser, you may need to download a free version of the PowerPoint Viewer. The site has both WINDOWS and MAC versions available. All links will open up in a new window

Ball State University Ball State University
PP file
Bridgewater State College Bridgewater State College
PP file
Clemson University Clemson University
PP file
Concordia University - Wisconsin Concordia University - Wisconsin
Word Doc
University of Delaware University of Delaware
PP file | Word Doc
Georgia Southern University Georgia Southern University
PP file
Illinois State University Illinois State University
Word Doc
Indiana State University Indiana State University
PP file
Indiana University Purdue University at Indianapolis IUPUI
PP file
Indiana University of Pennsylvania Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Word Doc
Iowa State University Iowa State University
PP file | Word Doc
James Madison University James Madison University
PP file
Loyola University Chicago Loyola University Chicago
PP file
Minnesota State University Moorhead Minnesota State University Moorhead
Word Doc
New York University New York University
PP file
North Carolina State University North Carolina State University
PP file
Pennsylvania State University Pennsylvania State University
PP file
Purdue University Purdue University
PP file
Seattle University Seattle University
PP file | Word Doc
Web Page
Suffolk University Suffolk University
Word Doc
Syracuse University Syracuse University
PP file
University of Central Arkansas University of Central Arkansas
PP file
University of Florida University of Florida
PP file
University of Maine University of Maine
PP file
University of Pennsylvania University of Pennsylvania
PP file
University of South Florida University of South Florida (Ebling)
PP file | Word Doc
University of South Florida University of South Florida (Roberts)
PP file
Western Illinois University Western Illinois University (Droste)
PP file | Word Doc
Western Illinois University Western Illinois University (Peterson)
PP file| Word Doc

Book Review

Utopia written by Lincoln Child is reviewed by Stuart Brown.

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