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The Journal of Technology in Student Affairs

Spring 2006 Edition

5th Annual Virtual Case Study Competition

This year marked our 5th Annual Virtual Case Study Competition for Masters level students in student personnel administration, counseling or higher education administration graduate programs.

A record 51 teams submitted final presentations for this year's competition. There were two tasks for teams, both based on an incident involving at our fictional college. First, they were asked to develop and implement a session as part of the orientation program for new students. Secondly, they were asked to identify topics that should be addressed for an online "tutorial" that students would have to complete before they could first access the school's computer system. Click here to read full scenario...

We have dedicated the Spring 2006 edition of our e-journal to the final presentations of all participating teams. Instructions on how to view the team projects are listed below. It is our hope that institutions can utilize information from the presentations to begin a healthy dialogue with their students about the use of

Next year's Virtual Case Study Competition will take place in February 2007. Registration information will be posted on our Web site in Fall 2006. For general information about the 2006 Virtual Case Study Competition, you can visit our VCS section at

Virtual Case Study Award Winners

Indiana University 1st Place: Indiana University
Amanda Droste, John Graves, Jeffrey Ruder, Henry Wendel

Florida International University 2nd Place: Florida International University
Erika Glenn, Julie Leos, Walter Maldonado, Heidi Richards

University of Central Arkansas 3rd Place: University of Central Arkansas
Amanda Doyle, Danny Glassmann, Marianne Price, Andrew Wiemer


Colorado State University Colorado State University
Hannah Brown, Jenn Christ, Gwen Schimek, Sara Sheikh
New York University New York University
Jaci Czarnecki, Maria Duckett, Sarah Morris, Allie Timberlake
Ohio State The Ohio State University
Kendra Bumpus, Kristin Hunger, Rebecca Lane
Oregon State University Oregon State University
Suzanne Flores, Kathryn Magura, Brian Stroup
Syracuse University Syracuse University
Jason Castro, Jennah Jones, Laura Pipe, Cathy Engstrom
University of Louisville University of Louisville
Patrick Englert, Christina Thompson, Jessica Randall
University of Vermont University of Vermont
Jessica Belue, Johnathon Bove, Eric Miller, Gabriel Reif

Complete List of our 2006 Participants:

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