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The Journal of Technology in Student Affairs

Spring 2008 Edition

7th Annual Virtual Case Study Competition

This year marked our 7th Annual Virtual Case Study Competition for Masters level students in student personnel administration, counseling or higher education administration graduate programs.

32 teams representing 24 different schools submitted final presentations for this year's competition. Teams were asked to develop a Powerpoint presentation on "technology has radically changed how the college delivers its programs and services to students". Click here to read full scenario...

Judges use the following criteria when evaluating presentations:
1. practicality of approach
2. innovation of approach
3. use of literature both within and outside student affairs
4. organization of presentation
5. rationalization for chosen responses

We have dedicated the Spring 2008 edition of our e-journal to the final presentations of all participating teams.

Next year's Virtual Case Study Competition will take place in February 2009. Registration information will be posted on our Web site in Fall 2008. For general information about the 2008 Virtual Case Study Competition, you can visit our VCS section at

2008 VCS Contest Winners...

Baylor University 1st Place: Baylor University [view entry]
Melissa Gruver, J.T. Snipes, Kathryn Wheatley
$175.00 to each team member

Oklahoma State University 2nd Place: Oklahoma State University [view entry]
Amanda Mollet, Kevin Kraft, Carl Segura
$150.00 to each team member

University of St Thomas 3rd Place: University of St. Thomas [view entry]
James Hall, Joy Hemmesch, Dave Newell, Katherine Mooty
$100.00 to each team member

University  of Central Arkansas 4th Place: University of Central Arkansas [view entry]
Trista Davis, Jennifer Landowski, Justin Rasnick, Joseph Hawkins
$75.00 to each team member

Indiana University 5th Place: Indiana University [view entry]
Leigh Featherstone, Heather Matthews, Tricia Davis
$50.00 to each team member

Complete List of our 2008 Submissions

Gary Malaney
Stuart Brown
Executive Editor
Katherine Hudson
SAHE Book Review Editor

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