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The Journal of Technology in Student Affairs

Spring 2011 Edition

10th Annual Virtual Case Study Competition

This edition of The Journal of Technology in Student Affairs is dedicated to 10th Annual Virtual Case Study Competition for Masters level students in student personnel administration, counseling or higher education administration graduate programs.

Next year's competition will take place in February 2012 with registration details posted in the Fall at

This year we asked the judges for their reflections on the case study, which dealt with the topic of social media in student affairs. Their article summarizes their thoughts, including general recommendations for future VCS participants and specific observations related to this year¹s topic.

>> CLICK HERE to read the Judges’ Reflections on this year's contest.


Western Kentucky University
Erin Jozwiak, Cherise Mingus, Kim Kubicek, Kelly Almousily
$150.00 awarded to each team member


University of Rhode Island
Stephanie Grejtak, John Crisafulli, Megan Kielty, Daniel Trapani
$100.00 awarded to each team member


Oklahoma State University
Ally Vatzlavick, Abby Minch, Michael DuPont, Sam Holden
$50.00 awarded to each team member


Teams were given the option of submitting their presentations in either PowerPoint or PDF format. Due to the different versions of PowerPoint, entries are presented here as:
-- .pptx files (PowerPoint 2007 presentation)
-- .pptm file (PowerPoint 2007 presentation with macros enabled)
-- .ppt file (PowerPoint presentaion)
-- .pdf (Adobe PDF)

PowerPoint files can be viewed using some open source aplications or with Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer. PDFs can also be viewed through some open source applications as well as using Adobe Reader.

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2016 VCS Champs:
Clemson University
Nilza Santana
Suzanne Jasmine
Bianca Lambert
Sarah Beth Potter