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Summer 2003: vol. 4, no. 3
Editor's Note
Gary D. Malaney
Director, Student Assessment, Research, & Evaluation Office (SAREO)
Associate Professor, Higher Education

University of Massachusetts Amherst

With this issue of the Journal, I would like to make a special request that our readers use our on-line, letter-writing feature to send us comments regarding the articles in the Journal. Please feel free to offer notes of appreciation (or criticism). I want to encourage an exchange of ideas in the Journal, and our readers should certainly be a part of that exchange.

Also, we would welcome any suggestions for future articles. Please recommend subjects that might help you in your work, and I promise not to apply to much pressure for you to write such an article.

Inside This Issue
Featured Articles

In From Bricks to Bytes: Building an Online Activities Environment, Jody Conway and Barry Hubbard show how to develop student activities and opportunities for involvement exclusively for on-line students.

Lorraine Fox Dodson and Marcia Dean show how distance education students can experience on-line career-planning activities and services in Career Services 24/7: The Online Career Center.

Ramon Dominguez describes the relatively new Community College Leadership Doctoral Program in New Mexico State University's Doctoral Preparation via Distance: An Experiment with Success.

In Making the Case for Information Systems Development in Student Affairs, Michael Mattmiller discusses how student affairs administrators can and should work with technology folks to develop information systems.

In the latest edition of the Digital Showcase, Will Barratt and Andy Corn focus on file sharing, especially music files.

And Brian Cremins discusses using the Internet to "scream backwards" in time to The Golden Age of Radio.

Book Reviews

Sharing Expertise: Beyond Knowledge Management, by Ackerman, M., Pipek, V., & Wulf, V. (Eds.), is reviewed by Ramon Dominguez

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