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Editor's Note
Oh, where have all of the writers gone? As you might note, our summer issue is a little light in quantity, but certainly not quality. Hopefully, all of the prospective writers who are vacationing with technology in mind will return to campus this fall with much information to share with our loyal readers. But for now, enjoy the articles in this issue.

Gary D. Malaney

Inside This Issue
Featured Articles

In Exploring the Use of Course-Specific Websites among Higher Education Faculty Lamont Flowers uses data from the 1999 National Study of Postsecondary Faculty to document how faculty members in the field of higher education utilized course-specific websites.

Thomas F. Nelson Laird uses data from the 2003 administration of the National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) to investigate the relationships between the proportion of time students spend online for academic purposes and several forms of student engagement in Surfin' with a Purpose: Examining How Spending Time Online is Related to Student Engagement.

In Attack of the Blogs Kristin D. Wodarski takes us into the world of undergraduate students web logs.

Brian Cremins updates us on his new location in My Friend, the Lizard

And in 10 Simple Rules for E-mail, Stuart Brown gives us some of his pet peeves regarding email practices.

Book Review

Connected, Or What it Means to Live in the Network Society
Written by Steven Shaviro and reviewed by Gary D. Malaney