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Editor's Note


As the Winter season draws to a close (although Punxsutawney Phil did see his shadow this year!), subtle signs in the tech industry may also be suggesting a change in the weather for everyone. The collection of articles in this edition of Student Affairs Online begins to move us past the "wow, this is cool" frame of thinking to the pragmatic aspects of technology to student affairs practice.

Of note, in this edition, we have a few articles written by individuals who provide the services that are described in their articles. We feel this information may be important to some readers, but do not necessarily endorse the products that are available from the links to their websites.

Daniel W. Salter

Inside This Issue

Featured Articles

The psychological impact of emerging technology continues to be a concern. In our first article, Kimberly Young reviews some of the signs of Internet Addiction. She also offers some helpful strategies in her article Surfing Not Studying: Dealing with Internet Addiction on Campus.

In contrast to Internet addition, Uma Gupta introduces us to an opposite psychological phenomenon. Technophobia is Conquerable outlines some of the signs of technophobia, as well as strategies for managers who must address this problem in the workplace.

"Talking the talk" of the people who make technology recommendations to us is no small task. In From Here to Technology: Practical Tips for Student Affairs Professionals, Kristl L. Wiernicki and Martyn J. Miller outline a list of considerations, with a nice "legal spin".

Internet Portals are finding a niche among college and universities. Kyle Johnson describes the ins & outs of this new phenomenon in A River Runs Through It: Considerations and Issues when Evaluating Student Portals

Jaja Jackson provides a providers view of the campus portal phenomenon Uniting The Campus Through An Online Community: One Example.

How many times have you said "Things sure have changed since I was a student". Sadly, one thing that has not changed is academic dishonesty... only the method has. Some students still feel the need to cheat and a whole new crop of "providers" have emerged on the Internet. Cary Anderson addresses this new twist to an old problem in Online Cheating: A New Twist to an Old Problem.

Finally, I pulled together Ten Thoughts on Leadership and Technology, after being asked to speak to a group of student leaders on this topic.

Book Reviews

Some great new books to add to your technology reading list.

The Internet Edge: Social, Technical and Legal Challenges for a Networked World written by Mark Stefik is reviewed by Brian C. Steinberg.

Remediation: Understanding New Media written by Jay David Bolter and Richard Grusin and is reviewed by Jeffrey A. Wigal

The New New Thing: A Silicon Valley Story written by Michael Lewis is reviewed by Jeffery Stefancic

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