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Editor's Note


During Spring semester, I teach our department's graduate course in the use of psychological tests. While one typically views testing as a rather dry and unexciting science (although, not when I teach it *smile*), the introduction of computer technology has begun to reshape the entire landscape. Venerable tests like the GRE are now being given online, with literally thousands of others making the transition. The first two articles in this edition address aspects of this growing trend in online data collection in student affairs.

In our next edition, SAO will be reporting the results of a Virtual Case Study Competition for graduate students in student affairs. Please encourage any emerging professionals you know to participate. Details can be found at the link.

Daniel W. Salter

Inside This Issue

Featured Articles

Steve Chatman tackles one of the central issues related to online data collection. He outlines some of the advantages and challenges that occur when one departs from the typical paper-pencil format in Going Beyond the Conversion of Paper Survey Forms to Web Surveys

Gary D. Malaney's article, You Still Need High Response Rates with Web-Based Surveys, provides us some insights about sampling concerns when conducting online assessment.

In, I Violated Your What? The Basics of Copyright for the Student Affairs Professional, attorney Jennifer D. Sawyer discusses many of the pitfalls for practitioners, as related to copyright infringement.

Is Being "Plugged In" Changing Campus Life? A Conversation... and a good question. Using a point/counterpoint format Liz Williams, Ethan Kolek and Meg Kluge provide differing views of the transformative power of technology on campus culture.

Finally, Brian Cremins provides us another piece on his travels in the digital world in My Atari Weighs a Ton: Another True Tale of the Digital Age.

Book Review

Supercade: A visual History of the Videogame Age 1971-1984 written by Van Burnham is reviewed by Stuart Brown

Product Review

OSX for the Macintosh by Daniel W. Salter

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