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Editor's Note
Being a researcher myself, I am very much interesting in this journal being an outlet for researchers exploring technological issues in higher education and student affairs. In this issue, we have two research-related articles, one by Dr. Kamal Kshore Jain and the other by Lamont Flowers and James Moore.

I hope that other researchers enjoy these articles and will submit more research-based manuscripts in the future. Hopefully, over time we can be a meaningful resource for both readers and researchers as we explore the impact of the use of technology in colleges and universities.

At the same time we are pursuing research-related articles, the journal will continue to provide informative writings regarding the practical uses of technology on our campuses. Accordingly, in this issue Will Barratt introduces our new Digital Showcase, which will be an on-going addition to the journal that will educate us regarding the use of IT tools for student development.

Gary D. Malaney

Inside This Issue

Featured Articles

In Motivating Factors in E-Learning: A Case Study, Dr. Kamal Kshore Jain offers an exploratory research study on what motivates students to enroll in on-line courses.

Lamont Flowers and James Moore show us how qualitative data can be collected on-line using via AOL Instant Messenger™ in Conducting Qualitative Research OnLine in Student Affairs.

In our inaugural Digital Showcase, Will Barratt presents material in three different areas: the Basics section includes some selected IT vocabulary. The Feature section deals with the use of bulletin boards as community building tools. And the Advanced Stuff pertains to confidential e-mail.

In Designing Student Development Curriculum as Though Technology Matters, Suzanne Estler explains how we can and should utilize technology in our graduate programs.

Abbey Parsons and Jesus Hernandez discuss the importance of an institutions web site in attracting prospective students and assisting new students in Creating Student Centered Web Pages for Incoming and New Students.

In his article Inviting a Computer to Take a Seat in a Counselling Session: Why Should Counsellors Learn about the Internet and Computer Technology? Andrew Fitzpatrick discusses the extent of student involvement with computer technology and why counselors need to understand technology and its effects on the lives of students today.

Finally, Brian Cremins offers a humorous personal anecdote regarding his involvement with technology in Appleworks, Punk Rock, and a Do-It-Yourself Guide to Electric Guitar Repair.

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