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Editor's Note
As our loyal readers certainly know, StudentAffairs On-line pertains to the use of technology in student affairs and higher education. Most of the articles are written by student affairs practitioners and faculty, but I want to encourage graduate students in student affairs and higher education programs to consider writing about their experiences and research pertaining to technology, especially as to how technology impacts the undergraduate students whom they serve. Faculty members who read good student papers related to technological issues in higher education should suggest that their students polish and submit their papers to StudentAffairs On-line. As with any journal, prospective authors should review past issues of the Journal to get an idea of content and style. Any questions can be addressed to me personally by email.

Gary D. Malaney

Inside This Issue
Featured Articles

Using Docutek ERes in a Student Affairs Classroom
Lamont Flowers, describes an innovative new technology designed to replace the traditional library course reserve systems with a virtual course reserve system.

Connected on Campus
Ethan Kolek presents a research study regarding how students are connected on their campus.

Student Internet Use at UMass Amherst
Gary Malaney discusses some research on the various ways students use the Internet and how much time they are spending on-line.

Online Student Services Benefit All Students
Anita Crawley provides many online resources for student affairs divisions planning to develop online services.

Digital Showcase
Will Barratt discusses the concept of student affairs departments using instant messenger software to communicate with students.

Notes from the 2003 MLA Convention
Brian Cremmins gives a low-tech insider's view of the recent MLA conference in San Diego.

Book Review

Small Pieces Loosely Joined: A Unified Theory of the Web, written by David Weinberger, is reviewed by Doris A. Bitler.