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The Journal of Technology in Student Affairs

Winter 2010 Edition

Editor's Note:

Building virtual communities and using social networks to reach college students has become a hot topic, and two articles in this issue inform the discussion. We at StudentAffaris On-Line would certainly like to hear from more administrators who are using social networks. Descriptions of how networks are used in programming could be very valuable to our readers, so please send us some article on this important topic.

In this issue, we also take a look at open source software and a case management data base designed at a particular campus.

And I would like to thank Quincy Martin for taking the time to write a letter. As always, we welcome the input.

Gary D. Malaney
University of Massachusetts Amherst

Lettor to the Editor:

Campus Shootings: The Crisis Never Ends - submitted by Quincy Martin III, Dean, Student Services at Triton College

Featured Articles:

Adrienne Draper Olson, Liz Rothenberg, and Diana Wardell discuss how some institutions are using technology in general and social media in particular to help campus constituencies to stay informed in Building Community in a Virtual Environment.

In Squeezing the Virtual Turnip, Susan J. Underwood, Christine Austin, and Christopher Giroir introduce the use of open source technologies in student affairs.

Monique N. Colclough writes about the development and implementation of a case management data base which monitors high-risk behaviors of students in UNCWs Case Management Database.

In Engaging College Students through Online Social Networks, Doug Olson and Quincy Martin III add to the ongoing conversation regarding the use of social networks to engage college students.
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Gary D. Malaney
UMASS Amherst

Stuart Brown
Executive Editor

Katherine E. Hudson
SAHE Book Review

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