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2/10. Engaging Introverts in Co-curricular Programs
Dr. Adam Peck

2/16. Developing a Comprehensive Volunteer Contract for Students
Dr. Charles Hueber

3/1. Bringing your Student Code of Conduct into the 21st Century
Dr. Charles Hueber

3/2. Motivational Interviewing: A model for behavioral change
Antonia Montoya

3/10. A Conversation on Civility
Debbie Scheibler and Joanne Goldwater

3/22. Title IX and LGBTQI students
Heather Cowan

3/23. 10 Concrete Ways to Infuse Career Development into Co-curricular Programs
Dr. Adam Peck

3/24. Staying Positive and Motivated
Debbie Scheibler and Sinclair Preston Ceasar

3/30. Building a Survivor Advocacy Program
Dr. Maureen McGuinness

3/31. Crafting a Compliant Sexual Misconduct Policy and Claims Procedure
Heather Cowan

4/5. Should Student Leaders Get Paid?
Dr. Charles Hueber

4/6. Communicating for Understanding and Compassion: Race and Privilege
Antonia Montoya

4/7. What is My Role with Clery
Dr. Maureen McGuinness

4/12. Supervising Former Peers in Student Affairs: Challenges and Opportunities
Dr. Aaron W. Hughey

4/13. Overcoming Difference between Academic and Student Affairs to Create High Impact Partnerships
Dr. Adam Peck

4/20. Emotionally Intelligent Leadership: A Deeper Examination of Self and Others
Dr. Matthew Shupp

4/21. A Restorative Approach to Diversity and Inclusion
Amanda L. McLittle & Mallory Martin-Ferguson

5/18. Building a Food Pantry for your Students
Dr. Maureen McGuinness

2016 VCS Competition's 15th Annual Virtual Case Study Competition for Masters level students in student personnel administration, counseling or higher education administration graduate programs is now underway. Members of the top three teams will earn cash prizes.

Registration has now closed. We received a record number of team applications this year and guidelines will be sent out the first week of February. Contest submissions are due by Friday, February 26th and winners will be announced by March 14th.

Journal of Technology
in Student Affairs

Kristin Muller is our award winner for the best student paper competition this year. In Electronic Portfolios in Student Affairs, she suggests that the use of electronic portfolios guided by self-regulated learning theory can be used to enhance student learning in the co-curriculum.

Eric Snyder and Kristina M. Navarro study the impact of the use of social media on academic and co-curricular engagement of student-athletes in Social Media, Academics, and Co-Curricular Activities: A Qualitative Examination of the Impact of Social Media on Division I Student-Athlete Engagement.

In Connecting a Global Student Community Using Social Media, Nick Jensen and Caroline Osse look at how a division of student affairs uses social media to engage and interact with students in their space and on their time.

2016 Job Hunt Blog

For the past ten years has recruited graduate students to write a weekly Student Affairs Job Hunt blog. This year we will be selecting one or two graduate students share their experiences. Participation is open to ALL GRADUATE STUDENTS! Find out more...

Don't forget to check out our large archive of WEBINAR REPLAYS that cover a number of topics including...

 • Collegiate Homeless
 • Title IX & Social Media
 • Inspiring Men to Learn
 • Diversity and Inclusion
 • LGBTQ Students
 • Sexual Consent
 • School Pride
 • Title IX Interviewing
 • Development Theory
 • Alcohol & GLO Culture
 • Sexual Misconduct
 • Student Leadership
 • Competency Mapping
 • Autism/Aspergers Issues
 • Motivational Interviewing
 • Peer Mentoring & Autism
 • Hazing & Legal Precedent
 • LGBT Strategies
 • Binge Drinking
 • Budget Basics
 • Helping with Addiction
 • Problems with Consent
 • Data Collection
 • Engagement & Retention
 • Ageism & Sexism
 • Working with Veterans