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Our replay library has more than 70 webinars available for download. Topics include...
 • LGBTQ Students
 • Sexual Consent
 • School Pride
 • Title IX Interviewing
 • Development Theory
 • Alcohol & GLO Culture
 • Sexual Misconduct
 • Conversation on Civility
 • Marijuana Laws
 • Survivor Advocacy
 • Staying Motivated
 • Title IX & LGBTQI
 • Engaging Introverts
 • Student Code of Conduct
 • Collegiate Homelessness
 • Title IX & Social Media
 • Inspiring Men to Learn
 • Diversity & Inclusion

 • Helping with Addiction
 • Problems with Consent
 • Data Collection
 • Engagement & Retention
 • Ageism & Sexism
 • Working with Veterans
 • Barnum Methodology
 • Race & Privilege
 • Student Leader Pay
 • Student Leadership
 • Career Development
 • Competency Mapping
 • Autism/Aspergers Issues
 • Peer Mentoring & Autism
 • Hazing & Legal Precedent
 • LGBT Strategies
 • Binge Drinking
 • Budget Basics

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The Journal of Technology in Student Affairs provides a forum for the student affairs generalists on issues relating to student affairs and technology. Here are highlights from our archive of more than 40 editions...


A team from Clemson University won top prize in our 15th Annual Virtual Case Study Competition. Concordia University placed second and the University of Wisonsin-Milwaukee earned third. Participants were asked to created a presentation for how a college can be a more welcoming environment for transgender students. Members from the top finishers won cash prizes. The competition is open to Masters level students in student personnel administration, counseling or higher education administration graduate programs. Read more...

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