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Infusing the new Student Affairs Technology Competency into Practice
Thursday, February 9, 2017 at 1pm EST
Dr. Josie Ahlquist & Joe Sabado
This webinar will cover the intersection of technology with all 10 Student Affairs Competencies, as well as application of the foundational, intermediate and advanced levels of technology in student affairs.

Shaping Strategies for Student Affairs Fundraising
Thursday, February 16, 2017 at 1pm EST
Dr. Jason L. Meriwether
This webinar will cover strategies for cultivating and securing external funds in an era of scarce resources, decreases in government and state funding, rising student costs, and increased expectation for delivering outcomes.


10 Concrete Ways to Infuse Career Development into Co-curricular Programs
Dr. Adam Peck
This webinar will present a variety of models for applying what has been learned through this project - with real examples from campuses around the country for infusing career development into cocurricular experiences.

Addressing Student Resistance to Social Justice Learning
Dr. Beth Berila and Dr. Jason Laker
This webinar will demonstrate how integrating mindfulness with social justice pedagogy, student affairs professionals can help students more intentionally respond to issues of oppression rather than merely react to them.

Another Survey?!? Alternative Assessment Data Collection Methods
Angela Yancik Baldasare, Jen Meyers Pickard, Linda Scheu
This webinar will dispel the myth that to conduct a credible assessment, you must have students complete a lengthy survey by familiarizing you with a number of alternatives to surveys.

Americana, Marijuana Laws and College Students: Intersections on the Development Highway
Dr. Ken Winters
This webinar will review the impact that changes in the new marijuana landscape have on college campuses including the concerns of institutional leaders and the public health implications

Assessment: Going from Good to Great
Dr. Adam Peck
This webinar will empower student affairs professionals with easy to understand techniques for conducting valid assessment of student learning and program effectiveness.

Booze, Brawls and Bad Behavior
Jenn Longa & Dr. Daniel Graney
This webinar will explore the connection among high risk drinking behaviors, campus and interpersonal violence, and the importance of early behavioral intervention

Bringing your Student Code of Conduct into the 21st Century
Dr. Charles Hueber
This webinar will look at current trends in judicial affairs and examine ways to incorporate language in a student code of conduct to help manage this ever-changing landscape.

Budget Basics for Student Affairs Professionals
Dr. Mark Kretovics
This webinar will provide participants the information necessary to understand the budget process and is geared toward anyone who is uncomfortable with reading and/or preparing budgets.

Building a Culture of Spirit and Tradition on a Campus That Doesn't Have Football
Dr. Charles Hueber
This webinar will provide an overview of ways a school can focus on building that sense of pride among students through a variety of programs and focused initiatives.

Building a Food Pantry for your Students
Dr. Maureen "Moe" McGuinness
Many of us do not realize the number of homeless and food insecure students on our campuses. This webinar will help attendees examine ways on their campus to build a food pantry to assist food insecure students.

Building a Survivor Advocacy Program
Dr. Maureen "Moe" McGuinness
This webinar will provide information on building a survivor advocacy program from scratch; how to help survivors of sexual violence and intimate partner violence; and how to do outreach in your community to meet VAWA/ Title IX requirements as well as assisting survivors you do not even know about yet.

Collegiate Homeless, the Hidden Population
Quint Geis
This webinar will review current literature, share some of the challenges of this student population, address the invisible nature of homelessness, and speak to what considerations are important for positive change.

Communicating for Understanding and Compassion: Race and Privilege
Antonia Montoya, MS, CHES
This webinar will examine systems of privilege, recognize your own privilege, and overcome your barriers to communication about these issues.

Conduct and Students on the Autism Spectrum
Dr. Jane Thierfeld Brown
This webinar will address how to best work with students on the spectrum who may present these challenges. Issues for classrooms, residence halls and students organizations will be discussed as well as dealing with parents.

A Conversation on Civility
Debbie Scheibler and Joanne Goldwater
This webinar seeks to explore the topic of civility in our daily experience, and offers tips and tools to practitioners so that they can lead conversations at their own institutions.

Counseling Basics for Student Affairs Professionals
Dr. Aaron Hughey
This webinar will to give participants a greater appreciation for the complementary nature of the student affairs and counseling professions.

Creative ways to get people to your events - The Barnum Methodology
Dr. Charles Hueber
This webinar will examine and explore the creative ways American showman PT Barnum attracted people to his events, and how these concepts can be applied to our own advertising on campus.

Demonstrating the Impact of Cocurricular Experiences on Career Readiness
Dr. Adam Peck
This webinar will discuss how to create and measure the connection between participation in cocurricular experiences and the development of skills that employers value most.

Developing a Comprehensive Volunteer Contract for Students
Dr. Charles Hueber
This webinar will examine a comprehensive example of a well-designed volunteer contract and discuss the benefits of developing a contract for students.

Developing a Peer Involvement Advising Program to Promote Co-Curricular Learning
Dr. Adam Peck
This webinar will provide step-by-step guidance for institutions who want to develop a program similar to the Involvement Center and Peer Involvement Advising Program at Stephen F. Austin State University

A Guiding Framework for the Development of Students' Multicultural Capacities
Dr. Ijeoma Nwaogu
This webinar will provide a guiding framework to utilize in constructing contexts that develop students' multicultural capacities and provide insights to proactively address the responses and experiences of students in multicultural contexts.

Guns on Campus: Best Practices for Keeping the Campus Safe
Dr. Aaron Hughey
This webinar will focus on emerging best practices as they relate to preserving the individual rights of those who wish to carry firearms on campus while protecting the safety and security of everyone who lives and works there.

Introduction to Using Developmental Theory in Student Affairs Practice
Dr. Tracy Davis
This webinar will offer an overview of theories commonly used in professional preparation programs, with a particular focus on navigating practice. This session is also updated to include some of the pitfalls related to using theory in practice.

Inviting and Inspiring Men to Learn: Improving Effectiveness and Outcomes with Male-Identified Students
Dr. Jason Laker
This webinar will orient participants to male gender identity issues and discuss capacity building pedagogical and support strategies for successful outcomes for all students.

Leveraging On and Off-Campus Employment to Prepare Students for their Careers
Dr. Adam Peck
This webinar will use data from Project CEO, a national benchmarking study, to provide compelling models for helping students connect what they are learning from their employment experiences on and off-campus to the development of skills desired by employers.

Managing Organizational Conflict in the Workplace
Dr. Jason Laker
This webinar will focus on the challenges and opportunities associated with conflict in the workplace, whether between colleagues or supervisor/staff.

Motivational Interviewing: A model for behavioral change
Antonia Montoya, MS, CHES
This webinar will explore Motivational Interviewing (MI), an evidence-based method of helping people change their behavior, with an emphasis on autonomy, effective communication, motivation, self-efficacy, and readiness for change.

Personal Balance and Professional Excellence
Dr. Tom Segar
This webinar will explore effective strategies for excelling at work while creating more time and balance for yourself.

Project CEO: Building Career Competencies into Student Leadership Programs
Dr. Adam Peck
This webinar will provide evidence of student learning outside of the classroom and help participants learn to tell their own student learning story to others.

Promoting Career Readiness through Co-Curricular Programs
Dr. Adam Peck
This webinar will look at the established connection between participation in co-curricular experiences and the development of career skills while using Project CEO (cocurricular experience outcomes) as a core example.

Race and Privilege: Communicating for Understanding and Compassion
Antonia Montoya
This webinar will examine systems of privilege and become more aware of your own privilege. You will learn skills for communicating about race and privilege, recognize and overcome your barriers to communication about these topics.

A Restorative Approach to Diversity and Inclusion
Amanda L. McLittle & Mallory Martin-Ferguson
This webinar should particularly benefit those who engage closely in conversations around identity and community values with students and professional staff.

Sexual Misconduct and Title IX Investigations: An Introduction
Heather Cowan
This webinar is an introductory course for those new to Title IX requirements and investigations or are struggling with how to conduct a Title IX compliant investigation.

Should Student Leaders Get Paid?
Dr. Charles Hueber
This webinar will look to help answer these questions and will offer a hybrid solution to the issue of pay vs volunteer that is based on accountability.

Don't let your Light Go Out: Staying Positive and Motivated
Debbie Scheibler and Sinclair Preston Ceasar, III
This webinar will be a vibrant and uplifting presentation about how to infuse more positivity into your practice, your office and into your interactions with your staff and students.

Stop Making Bad Flyers!
Dr. Charles Hueber
This webinar will cover good design techniques and best practices for creating flyers as well as discuss common programs used and the marketing challenges faced in today's digital generation.

Student Care Teams: Concepts and Considerations
Dr. Matthew Shupp
This webinar will provide a brief overview of student care teams as well as action steps participants' can use on their home institutions to assess and establish care teams of their own.

Student Connections via Social Media: Forecasting Our Future
Dr. Josie Ahlquist & Jason L. Meriwether
This webinar will address how to not only be a social media strategist with current tools, but a social forecaster for future impact.

Students on the Autism Spectrum: Residence Life, Classrooms and Socializing
Dr. Jane Thierfeld Brown
This webinar will discuss these challenges and some ideas to further include students on the spectrum into campus life. Strategies for helping students on the spectrum transition to their new environment will be presented.

Students with Autism/Aspergers in the Residence Halls
Dr. Jane Thierfeld Brown
This webinar will cover general issues of students on the autism spectrum and teach participants how to assist those students as they integrate into the residence hall.

Students with Autism/Aspergers: Information for Student Affairs Professionals
Dr. Jane Thierfeld Brown
This webinar will address student affairs departments and how to best work with students on the spectrum including issues for individual departments and how to deal with parents.

Supervising Former Peers in Student Affairs: Challenges and Opportunities
Dr. Aaron W. Hughey
This webinar will provide participants with the tools needed to successfully negotiate this unique and challenging - but not that uncommon - situation in higher education.

Supervising Student Employees and Student Volunteers Effectively
Charles Hueber
This webinar will discuss strategies to manage today's students in an on campus environment from a work-study and/or volunteer position.

Supporting Identity Development among Multiracial Students to Increase Institutional Connectedness
Jason Meriwether and Brittany Hunt
This webinar will examine effective support structures for multiracial students that enhance identity development, assess the within-group campus experience, and offer strategies to open dialogue and increase institutional connectedness.

Tackling Unconscious Bias in Decision-Making
Dr. Ijeoma Nwaogu
This webinar will distinguish and define a variety of underexplored biases, and provide examples of ways in which they affect day-to-day student affairs praxis.

The Problems with Consent: Engaging Gaps between Laws, Policies, and Students' Lived Experiences
Dr. Jason Laker
This webinar will cover the research and implications for untangling the issues and supporting students' development and agency in regards to laws, policies and programs that do not match lived experiences when it comes to consent.

Title IX and LGBTQI students
Heather Cowan, M.A.
This webinar will cover the requirements of Title IX as it relates to our LGBTQI students and how we can help our LGBTQI students feel safer and more included on our campuses.

Title IX and Social Media
Heather Cowan
This webinar will help participants understand how to use social media content as evidence in Title IX investigations regarding complaints and allegations of sexual harassment.

Title IX Investigations: Interviewing Hints, Tips and Techniques
Heather Cowan
This webinar will cover interviewing techniques and include tips on determining credibility and how to apply that to the allegations and investigation.

Training Peer Mentors to Work with Students with Autism
Dr. Jane Thierfeld Brown
This webinar will discuss Peer Mentor training for your campus as well cover other issues like establishing boundaries and appropriate relationships.

Training versus Trials: Using Educative Strategies and Legal Precedent to Combat Hazing Culture
Jason L. Meriwether, Ph.D.
This engaging webinar will provide legally sound practices to educate students about the risks and dangers of hazing and help reduce university liability.

Universal design: Making your program accessible to all students
Dr. Rebecca Cory
This webinar will discuss universal design as is pertains to students with disabilities as well as students of color, first generation students, international students and other non-traditional students.

Using Co-Curricular Mapping to Promote Student Learning Outside of the Classroom
Dr. Adam Peck
This webinar will provide step-by-step instructions for conducting co-curricular mapping. This process can help clarify how students experience our educational offerings and ensure more deep and robust learning over time.

Using Residence Life Staff to Assess Engagement and Aid in Student Retention
Curt Naser and Karen Donoghue
This webinar will explain the assessment rubric, highlight the results and explore opportunities for growth at your institution.

Working Together to Protect Each Other
Jenn Longa
This webinar will discuss bystander intervention programming not only for sexual assault, but to teach our students how to step in when confronted with a variety of problem situations.

Please read our FAQ Section for general information about our webinars including System Requirements and recommended Compatibility Check.

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