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Motivational Interviewing: A model for behavioral change

This webinar is available as a Replay
Duration: 1 hour
Speaker: Antonia Montoya, MS, CHES
Price: $98

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Learn the basics of Motivational Interviewing (MI), an evidence-based method of helping people change their behavior. MI is a collaborative process between staff and student that enhances their readiness for change by exploring and resolving ambivalence. MI was once a method used by licensed mental health practitioners for drug and alcohol treatment but has been proven to be an effective approach for many behaviors such as smoking, diet, exercise, medication adherence, anger management, eating disorders, and others. With an emphasis on the four principles of MI we will explore autonomy, effective communication, motivation, self-efficacy, and readiness for change. Participants will understand the basics of this respectful student-centered approach and will be able to begin practicing their new skills right away.

  • Know the four principles of Motivational Interviewing.
  • Understand the importance of autonomy, self-motivation, and self-efficacy for behavior change.
  • Explore the communication skills effective for MI.
  • Receive a list of questions to ask students.
  • Student Affairs staff - professionals in student conduct, advisors, mentors, staff working with targeted or minority populations, student retention and graduation specialists, student recruitment specialists
  • Resident Life staff
  • Health Center staff
  • Academic Advisors

Antonia Montoya, MS, CHES is a health education specialist with over a decade of experience including presenting her work to international, national, and state conferences. She has successfully provided professional training since 1995. Her coaching work with diverse populations in academic, business and not-for-profit settings has an emphasis on individual and group behavior change. Inspired by a passion to bring out the best in people, Antonia created Change is Yours in 2009 and has since helped clients improve their businesses, families and their communities.

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