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Personal Balance and Professional Excellence

This webinar is available as a Replay
Duration: 1 hour
Facilitator: Dr. Tom Segar
Price: $98

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You face increasing demands on your time and talent as a professional working in environments with decreasing resources and students with expanding needs. Approaching professional practice in today's world requires nimble and unconventional strategies. Discover how to excel at work while creating more time and balance for yourself.

Participants will learn effective strategies for navigating the following:
  • Dealing with people who drain your time and energy
  • Managing your email inbox
  • Meeting management
  • Accomplishing more in less time
  • Handling multiple tasks and projects
  • Creating more free time inside and outside of the office
  • Implementing effective communication strategies
  • Balancing an inward and outward Focus
  • Using personal and professional self-management

Dr. Tom Segar Dr. Tom Segar serves as the Vice President for Student Affairs and an affiliate graduate faculty member in the College Student Development and Administration graduate program at Shepherd University, a public liberal arts institution located 75 miles from Washington, DC and Baltimore. He has been working as an educational consultant to institutions and organizations for the past 15 years focusing on topics of leadership, diversity, and social justice.

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