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Supervising student employees and student volunteers effectively

This webinar is available as a Replay
Duration: 1 hour
Instructor: Charles Hueber
Price: $98

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Today's college student often referred to as "Generation Y" or the "Millennial Generation" has a very di¬fferent set of characteristics from other generations. They not only want more from life, they demand it. They are self-confident, tech savvy, and high performers. They also require more work-life balance, flexibility at work, advancement opportunities, and a say in what's going on around them, and often times this attitude does not always mesh with the bureaucratic environment students work in. This session is designed to discuss strategies to manage today's students in an on campus environment from a work-study and/or volunteer position.

  • Learn (review) the unique challenges facing this generation
  • Understand the importance of the supervisor's role as an educator and manager
  • Learn basic strategies for confronting issues that may impact employee performance
  • Understand how to and the importance of leveraging social media and technology
  • Examine the role of the over-involved parent in employment matters
  • Analyze the benefits of a specific accountability system that could be implemented on your campus
  • On campus supervisors who work with student staff in both large and small settings.
  • Anyone interested in management of younger employees.

Dr. Charles Hueber is currently the Dean of Students at Schreiner University. He has worked in higher education for over 15 years at Trinity Valley Community College, Georgia Southern University, and Stephen F. Austin State University. He has served as a speaker and consultant to a variety of universities and businesses in leadership development, customer service and social integration. He has also published numerous articles on leadership, school spirit, and marketing. His main research interest lies in social integration and its impact on college success. He has helped to develop multiple transition camp programs around the country and has long been an advocate for spirit and traditions programming.

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