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About the Journal of Technology in Student Affairs

The Journal of Technology in Student Affairs provides a forum for the student affairs generalists on issues relating to student affairs and technology. Technological advances occur on an almost daily basis, and student affairs practitioners are becoming hard-pressed to keep up with this rapidly expanding realm. The goal is to become an indispensable tool for student affairs professionals at all levels, who are trying to cope with and understand the ever-changing technological world.

Gary Malaney, Editor
Stuart Brown, Executive Editor

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2015 Graduate Student Manuscript Competition

The Journal of Technology in Student Affairs, a forum for the student affairs generalists on issues relating to student affairs and technology, announces the 3rd Annual Graduate Student Manuscript Competition.

-- The deadline is Friday, February 20, 2015 at 4:00PM EST.
-- Submissions can be sent to

Three prizes will be awarded to graduate students (registered for a minimum of six credits for Spring 2015) in a Masters or Doctoral program in student personnel administration, higher education, counseling, educational leadership or a related program:
  • 1st Place of $250.00
  • 2nd Place of $200.00
  • 3rd Place of $100.00
Manuscripts should be at least 750 words, not exceeding 3,750 (between 3-15 double-spaced, typed pages). All articles must related to student affairs and technology to some degree.

Submissions can be researched-based, descriptive in nature, or thought pieces. Interactive documents, which can stimulate online discussions, are also encouraged. Articles should go beyond the basic "how to" and focus on the impact (good and bad) that technology has on the practice of student affairs.

We encourage the use of HTML formatting, thus allowing articles to link to other resources, in manuscripts and book reviews.

All submitted manuscripts must be in APA style.


  • Summer 2014
    Features the top student paper from our recent contest for graduate student authors. Kevin Valliere’s paper is published without any editing. Plus articles from Will Barratt and Brian Zuel, Adam Peck, and Peggy Holzweiss.

  • Spring 2014
    Wrap of our 13th Annual Virtual Case Study Competition for Masters level students in student personnel administration, counseling or higher education administration graduate programs. This year's case scenario dealt with a task force on sexual violence.

  • Summer 2013
    Featured articles by winners of our contest for graduate student authors including Amy Lueck, Kristen Tarantino, Jessica McDonough, Ma Hua, and Paul Brown.

  • Archive
    Check out our archive of all past editions dating back to 2000.

The Student Affairs and Higher Education Book Review (SAHE Book Review)

The SAHE Book Review is an online journal that publishes reviews of recently published books in the field of Higher Education, including, more specifically, Student Affairs. We also include reviews of classic texts in the field of Student Affairs and Higher Education, thematic book review essays that examine several books on a single topic, and recommendations for books from outside the field of higher education that could have an impact on student affairs practice. The SAHE Book Review publishes three times a year.

If you are interested in reviewing books for the SAHE Book Review, please contact the Editor, Katherine E. Hudson, If you have a specific book that you would like to review, we welcome your suggestions.

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Gary D. Malaney
UMASS Amherst

Stuart Brown
Executive Editor

Katherine E. Hudson
SAHE Book Review

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