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Podcasts: Student Affairs Forum (SA Forum)

The Student Affairs Forum (SA Forum) presents what is new in student affairs, from discussions with authors of recently published books, to issues affecting our profession to interesting people that make student affairs a unique and vibrant field.

Every 7-10 days a new episode will be available by podcasting. If you have iTunes you can subscribe to the Student Affairs Forum. You can also access individual episodes by clicking on the Download Podcast link.

For archives of previous programs, click here.

Do you have suggestions for a future SA Forum podcast? Let us know at

The most recent episode is listed first:

Episode 35 - uploaded November 19, 2014
Interview with Antonia Montoya, a health education specialist, on the basics of Motivational Interviewing.
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(23:04 min. / 21.2 mb)

Episode 34 - uploaded November 6, 2014
Interview with Dr. Sarah Minnis, an expert in veteransı experiences in higher education and head of the website, Weıll be discussing what is referred to as a Veteranıs Friendly campus.
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(22:53 min. / 21.0 mb)

Episode 33 - uploaded September 24, 2014
Interview with Dr. Charles Hueber about the benefits of a summer Transition Camp/Extended Orientation Program for Freshman students.
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(19:50 min. / 18.2 mb)

Episode 32 - uploaded September 16, 2014
Interview with Dr. Adam Peck on how co-curricular involvement contributes significantly to the skills employers want.
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(19:25 min. / 17.8 mb)

Episode 31 - uploaded September 10, 2014
Interview with Dr. Aaron Hughey on Best Practices in Working with Adult Learners.
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(22:19 min. / 20.4 mb)

Episode 30 - uploaded August 28, 2014
Interview with Dr. Ken Winters, co-author of the book, "Preventing Binge Drinking on College Campuses: A Guide to Best Practices," published by
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(24:09 min. / 22.2 mb)

Episode 29 - uploaded June 25, 2014
We talk with Danielle Morgan Acosta about her January-February 2014 About Campus article on Twitter and its impact on social capital and digital citizenship in higher education.
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(22:41 min. / 20.8 mb)

Episode 28 - uploaded June 8, 2014
We are pleased to present the 1st General Assembly Meeting of the International Association of Student Affairs and Services, presided over by President Dr. Robert Shea. Click here for a pdf document of the presentation.
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(42:51 min. / 39.3 mb)

Episode 27 - uploaded May 22, 2014
We talk with Joanna Peters, Director of Student Services at Griffith University in Brisbane, Australia; and Karen Davis, Associate Director of Student Academic Services at Victoria University in Wellington, New Zealand about the differences in higher education between the two countries and the United States.
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(28:04 min. / 26.3 mb)

Episode 26 - uploaded May 14, 2014
We talk with Dave Eng, Director of Student Activities at St. Thomas Aquinas College, about free digital resources.
Discussed Resources

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(21.41 min. / 20.0 mb)

Episode 25 - uploaded May 7, 2014
We talk with Dr. Hank Parkinson, Associate Dean of Student Development and Housing at Fitchburg State University, about his Parkinson Leadership Development Model.
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(23.53 min. / 22.0 mb)

Episode 24 - uploaded April 28, 2014
We talk with Jason Meriwether, Vice Chancellor for Enrollment Management & Student Affairs at Indiana University Southeast, about hazing on college campuses.
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(16.00 min. / 14.7 mb)

Episode 23 - uploaded April 21, 2014
Neal McKinney, a 2nd year graduate student at the U. of Maryland and blogger for, talks about his current job search along with advice for others in the job hunt.
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(20.00 min. / 18.3 mb)

Episode 22 - uploaded April 14, 2014
Discussion with Dr. Adam Peck, Vice President and Dean of Students at Stephen F. Austin State University, on cultivating school spirit.
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(22.15 min. / 20.4 mb)